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The 3-Day Plant-Based Challenge Food Log - The Influencer Fails #TJV3DC


Let me call myself out right here and say that I failed on the first day.  I was so emotional that I forgot that I was doing the challenge. Before this challenge, I would have said that I’m the only 100% vegan on The Jealous Vegan team. But, apparently, I am challenged to be consistent when the anxieties of the day mount. This is why it helps to have a team to hold me accountable to my goals. Everyone on the team laughed when I announced my failure to stick to plant-based on the first day. (We take “failure bows” on this team.)  Owning my failure and accepting accountability encouraged me to get back on track, to be mindful of my feelings and anxiety throughout the day, and conquer the next 2 days of the challenge with no sweat.

Here is my food log:

Day One:

  • I begin each day with green tea, raw honey, and a beauty tonic
  • Breakfast: Kashi Cereal with flax milk
  • Lunch: SweetGreen’s Mexican Elote Bowl sans cheese and I added zucchini
  • Dinner: Miso Soup with Udon noodles, veggies and kimchi from Rice Bar
  • After: Went for a nightcap alone and completely forgot that I was doing the challenge.  Had fish tacos. Can I blame the tequila? No, in reality, I was feeling an acute sense of discontent. I wanted something decadent: tequila and tacos.

Day Two:

  • My day started with a bang and I had to skip my morning green tea
  • Breakfast: Vega protein shake (sports edition) with flax milk
  • Lunch: Green salad with quinoa and a banana.
  • Snack: BOOMCHICKAPOP popcorn and an energy bar
  • Dinner: Sautéed zucchini, roasted shishito peppers, butter lettuce salad with tomato, cucumber and green olives. Dressing: Cava Lemon Tahini. For dessert, I had a super sweet peach!
  • During the day: 3 cups of plain green tea over the course of the day

Day Three:

  • Breakfast: Whole wheat English muffin + Ripple chocolate flax milk
  • Lunch: Salad with Cava Lemon Herb Tahini Dressing
  • Dinner: Sauteed broccoli with rice and veggie lo-mein.

How is your challenge going? What are your observations? Do you notice any cravings? Leave us a comment and let us support you!

The 3-Day Plant-Based Challenge Food Log - The Voice Hits Her Stride #TJV3DC

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