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A 14-Day Redemption - The Balancer Rebounds #TJV3DC

I’m hoping that successfully completing The Jealous Vegan 3-day Plant-Based Challenge will at least partially redeem me from my 14-day failure. At the end of the blog post entitled “14-day trial", I said “I have learned the road to plant-based is a hike. It’s steep and slow and sometimes you want to retreat, turn around and run back to the safety of foods and habits that we know well. But you keep climbing. And every so often you look back to see how far you've come. I haven’t given up on the 14-day “free” trial but I have changed my approach. Baby steps.” The 3-day plant-based challenge was just the “baby step” I was talking about. Three days were a lot easier to handle than 14. However, even though it was easier, it wasn’t easy. Even still, I’m congratulating myself for my 3-day victory!!! Here is what I ate and what I learned.  

Food Log

Day 1:

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal with almond milk, Coffee with coconut milk creamer
  • Snack: Curried chickpeas cabbage, hummus and pita chips  
  • Lunch: CAVA grains bowl with roasted veggies
  • Dinner: leftovers from the day

Day 2:

  • Breakfast: Coffee with coconut milk creamer, Vega Sport protein shake with flax milk and peanut butter
  • Lunch: Falafel Bowl and French fries
  • Dinner: Vegan cookie and a nectarine

Day 3:

  • Breakfast: Coffee with coconut milk creamer
  • Lunch: Jollof Rice and spinach
  • Dinner: Cereal

I had a few hurdles during the challenge but I was able to catapult over them. My first hurdle was time and lack of preparation. It’s hard as a working person to find the time to shop and prepare a balanced meal. Mostly because I’m exhausted at the end of my workday. So I found myself waking up in the morning with nothing on hand or in my mind to eat. My second hurdle was a lack of creativity. I crave variety. I find this to be true of my personality in general and my diet is no exception. Finding new plant-based options was a bit of a challenge but at least twice I found myself eating something I had never tried before! That was a giant win in my book!  My third hurdle was lack of accessibility. When I finally mustered up the energy to go grocery shopping, the store was out of most of the items I was looking for. #Fail! That felt like the knife that killed my motivation. But my final challenge was probably the biggest. How in the world do you walk past fried chicken, bbq ribs, mac & cheese or cheesecake and not drool? That Whole Foods hot bar almost killed me!!! All my favorite “no-no” items were all in one place, already prepared and ready to eat. It sure made shopping for veggie burgers an unexciting put it nicely.

However, overall the challenge was good. I made it through! I lost a pound, slept like a baby and by day 3 I actually woke up with more energy than the previous 2 days. I have to say, I would be interested to try a plant-based challenge for a longer period of time. Let’s see how many benefits there really are to a plant-based diet! Who's with me? Follow us @thejealousvegan on Instagram to stay informed of our next challenge.  While you’re there, check out my 3-day challenge in our Instagram story highlights.

Until then, happy plant-based eating!

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