The Jealous vegan is raising The dialogue about plant-based lifestyles while being honest about the benefits and challenges of sustainably changing the way that we eat & how we think about food.

Blood in the stool told me that there was a problem. The GI doctor suggested a colonoscopy, saying that I was too young for colon cancer, but that we should take a look just to be safe. The procedure revealed polyps laying in wait. It could be another decade or more before those polyps would reveal their true horror, an insatiable growth appetite known as cancer. I was 27.

Before that incident, there had been signs that I could recognize only in hindsight: irregular bowel movements, straining, chronic constipation, riotous acne, anxiety, and frequent stomach upset.

The naturopath doctor prescribed a plant-based diet devoid of dairy and any meat products. In 10 days, I was eliminating without a struggle after every meal.  (I describe my results in Plant-Based Potty Habits: How Things Change - Episode 5 podcast.)

Could plants really cure me and reduce the likelihood of cancer? 

Over the years, I would go vegan for a while and then I would slide right back to chicken.  I remember thinking: "But everyone that I know can eat whatever they want!"  Why can't I?  It can't be as simple as changing my diet or else everyone would do it. 

The truth is: going plant-based is hard. That's why everyone doesn't do it. We all understand the value of veggies yet the abundance of meat, dairy and cheese make it difficult to avoid the temptation of the things that we know and love.

14 years later and now the empirical evidence of my social circle is emerging: nearly everyone that I know is allergic to or intolerant of dairy and/or meat.  Yet, the symptoms vary from person-to-person including but not limited to irregularity to headaches to stuffiness. The body has its own wisdom and its own way of revealing that there is a problem.  

Are you truly listening to yours?

Would you like help with that?

Can we have real talk for a moment?

If you enjoyed this post, then you'll love the honest dialogue on the podcast episode: Plant-Based Potty Habits: How Things Change.  It's riotously funny and frank.

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