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Your Body Will Change After Your Mind Does

I am going to make a subversive statement: you can eat a plant-based diet, exercise regularly AND be unhealthy. Meanwhile, you can feel rather self-righteous that you check the boxes that modern medical wisdom tells us is good for us. For example, I once witnessed a young man come out of the gym, sweaty and hot from a rigorous workout and stood less than 5 feet from the gym doors still in his wet clothes and lit a cigarette.  

It seems ridiculous - his choices were an obvious contradiction but his example reveals a truth: healthy living is a MINDSET. We all have blind spots, areas of ourselves and our choices, that indicate an incongruence, a contradiction, a hypocrisy even. An eating disorder is a kind of contradiction: a person will eat but due to some emotional trigger, they will also find a way to expunge the food and thus eliminate the potential benefits of eating in the first place. Why eat at all? What is the real thing that this person might try to expunge? What is the trigger that sends the person to purge?

I had one potential client with a shopping habit. Buying clothes wasn’t the habit. It was the cycle of buying on sale and then returning nearly everything that she bought almost every weekend. The cycle is where we get not judgmental but curious. Why buy at all? Why does an item on sale present a special temptation to buy even as she realized intellectually that she didn’t need it?

It is easy to see someone else’s contradiction but difficult to see our own. What is happening on the outside is a reflection of what is happening on the inside. Our externals (relationships, finances, environment, physical health, choices) are a mirror of our internals (our emotional makeup, motivations, anxieties, fears). Thus, it is important to journey inwards to reveal what is happening with us holistically.

When are we stressed internally and how does that manifest externally?

When are we craving love, safety, or belonging internally and how does that manifest in our choices externally?

Where are we blocked emotionally (internal) and how does that manifest in how we show up in the world (external)?

In health coaching, we do talk about food and exercise. There are foods that are right for your unique body and there are foods that are like toxin to your unique body. I teach you to listen to your body so that you can know (and feel) the difference. However, we cannot ignore the biological, emotional and spiritual components of what is happening for you internally because no external shift in habit or behavior will be permanent if there is no internal shift first.

This means: I could give you a list of foods, exercises, rules for living, meal plans, and guidelines for what you can eat and what you can’t eat but nothing will permanently change until your mindset about what healthy living is for you changes. Shifting mindset is where the deep work happens that transforms you. Transformation precedes sustainable lifestyle change. Healthy living and beautiful, healthy bodies happens when we holistically pursue transformation. That is our only goal.

Free yourself to peel back the intellectualized, overgrown fear and JUST KNOW that you are THE ONE. The One who needs to bring you - the unique, authentic, only-one-you-in-all-of-time - to the world. You deserve to be heard, seen, felt, known for just how boss you are. This intensive is about freeing your authenticity, freeing you from the barriers that keep you small and in hiding, so you can create YOUR DREAM LIFE. Learn to let go and SHOW UP for your life in a powerful, never-been-seen like this, way! You are so powerful and so strong. The world needs what you are bringing. Don’t hesitate to claim this opportunity to invest in you and the mark that you will leave on your world. We’re waiting. ❤️

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