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When I first went to Dr. Sullivan, a naturopathic doctor in Washington, D.C., I sensed that something was wrong in my body. My stools were infrequent - once or maybe twice a week - and were painful and difficult to pass. I was feeling anxious and rushed all the time. We talked about everything that was going on with me at the time. I was newly married, I was spending 70 hours each month in my volunteer work while working full-time, I was the primary cook of a carnivore, and I was 26. Nearly everything about my life was new and demanding…By the end of the detox diet, I was going to the bathroom after every meal.

Have you ever noticed what happens when you have been sick and you pretty much stop eating your routine diet? You simply cannot bring yourself to consuming a full meal. As a result, your body doesn’t want the food and you begin to stave off the complex food and eat liquid or high water content foods, such as broth and/or fruit juices. Do you notice once you begin to feel better, you visibly look better, your skin and eyes look refreshed. That is your body detoxing itself of the toxins and waste your lymphatic system had difficulty doing on its own!

I was so busy trying to get over feeling poorly and get back to my busy schedule that I never stopped to consider the true cause of my respiratory distress and what I might be contributing to my repeated illnesses.  As an American living in a fast-paced city, I hear myself and others talk about our busy lives and ability to push through a sickness like it’s a badge of honor…Learning to tune into what my inner self is trying to tell my conscious self has helped me realize what small changes might have a big impact on my mental, emotional and physical health.

This is absolutely the #1 question I get as a personal trainer when I tell people about my plan to transition to plant-based. It’s funny though, I’m not really sure where the idea of being protein deficient came from. Somehow we’ve got it in our heads that if we can just get enough protein, everything will be ok. But what really is protein? How does it work and how much do you really need?

Loss of a loved one is an unpredictable, emotionally bloody, chaotic experience that is shared by all of humanity.  I am describing all kinds of loss: death, divorce, long-term separation or estrangement, mental illness, etc.  In this post, I share my observations and suggestions, from my own personal experience and my health coaching practice, on successfully navigating the loss of a loved one .

“I break out often and I scar easily. I’m left with hyper-pigmentation issues that really bother me…I wish I had that beautiful, blemish-free chocolate-colored skin you see in every ad ever. But I don’t, so until I do, I’ll have a permanent makeup budget and a lifetime Sephora rewards card.”  Whoa! I stand in disbelief that I even said all those things out loud to a person I’ve never met.