All in Vegan Challenges

This is absolutely the #1 question I get as a personal trainer when I tell people about my plan to transition to plant-based. It’s funny though, I’m not really sure where the idea of being protein deficient came from. Somehow we’ve got it in our heads that if we can just get enough protein, everything will be ok. But what really is protein? How does it work and how much do you really need?

Do you already know the benefits of a plant-based diet? Have you ever tried to "go vegan" but it seemed too hard? Do you want to eat healthier?  Lose weight?  Have more energy? Do you need support to transition to plant-based?

We are here to help!  Take The Jealous Vegan 3-Day Plant-Based Challenge and win a gift card for a plant-based dinner at one of our recommended restaurants in Washington, DC, L.A., Philly, or New York!