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Juice Cleansing 101: Spring Cleaning

By now almost everyone has seen, heard of or tried cold pressed juices. But have you ever tried them as a cleanse? I personally drink some sort of cold pressed juice almost every day, whether I make it myself or purchase it from a store. I find that cold pressed juice is a great way to give me an energy boost and help me get some vital nutrients that I didn’t otherwise get in my diet. I especially love beet juice although I hate beets in real  life. Cold pressed juice is usually a mix of nutrient dense vegetables with some sort of fruit to make the veggies more enjoyable. Some people who are hard-core juicers have just the vegetables with no fruit. I’m not there yet. But why specifically is cold pressed so refreshing?

Cold pressed is the process in which lots of pressure is applied to push the water and nutrients from the fibrous part of the fruit or vegetable. This process is known as a hydraulic press. The biggest benefit is that you get 100% juice from real,  whole foods, not from concentrate. However, because these juices do not contain preservatives, they have a very short shelf life. It is recommended that you consume all juices within three days of the day it was made. So I highly recommend making a return trip to the store rather than buying a lot of juice that will likely go to waste. Some complain that the fiber is non existent in cold pressed juices. But really, that’s the point. The fiber takes longer to process in the body and while fiber is good for you, in this instance, subtracting the fiber means that all the other vitamins and nutrients get to hit your system unrestrained. That means that you get an energy boost almost instantly. However, also for that reason, cold pressed juice cleanses are not to be done for a long period of time.

Experts suggest limiting a juice cleanse to only 3 days. More than that and you might be doing more harm than good to your body. Cold-pressed juices, especially when taken as a cleanse, are meant to give your body and antioxidant and nutrient boost. They are not meant to substitute food, and they do not supply all the nutrients that your body needs for sustainable living. Although I love making my own juice regularly, I also am a fan of purchasing juices from fresh local juiceries. Why? Because these juicers go to great lengths to find the most winning combinations of fruits and vegetables that complement each other to ensure that you’re getting juice bang for your buck! These juices can be expensive though. Expect to spend about $10 for a 16 oz bottle!

As someone who has done a lot of juice cleanses I also recommend starting to incorporate some cold pressed juices into your diet daily or weekly before and after a cleanse! If you are new to juices I also recommend trying juices that have more fruit than  vegetables to begin with. The vegetable juices tend to be pretty bitter and are definitely an acquired taste. Interestingly enough though, I have found that the more juice I consume the more I crave the juices that contain more vegetables. It’s amazing how once you give your body something it has been missing it starts to crave it. Your body always talks to you, practice listening!

Learn to listen to your body and change your health forever.

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