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Spring Break For Your Body: Why Detox

Are you prone to the common cold or sinus infections, how about ear infections? Are you bloated frequently? Do you suffer from eczema flare ups? You may quickly determine the reason you have fallen ill is due to contact with a virus or the common culprit “I’m not getting enough sleep” and your resistance is low. While these may be legitimate factors contributing to your sickness, you would be remiss by not considering the health and functionality of your lymphatic system.

Your body has a network of glands, nodes and vessels that are all connected called the lymphatic system. Its sole purpose is to carry toxins and waste from your body tissue and into your bloodstream throughout the entire body.

Similar to other major systems in your body: i.e.:the respiratory system, the circulatory system, the nervous system, the lymphatic system extends from your neck area, branches out to your arms, your breast area, down your abdomen, your pelvis and down your legs. Some of the more common areas you can actually feel your lymph nodes are located on your neck, close to your jawbone, the soft area on your armpits and your groin and pelvic areas.

In fact, during your period of illness you may notice a significant amount of swelling and soreness of your lymph nodes due to the clogged lymphatic fluid flowing. Your glands are retaining the waste and toxins that normally are flowing away from your body tissue. Since your lymph nodes are clogged and not functioning optimally, the waste and toxins are remaining in your lymph nodes and your body reacts by succumbing to an illness or a flare up.

Fact of the matter is, your body and organs need to rest and recover on a regular basis. All working functions of complex organisms need a break from working all of the time. Your lymphatic system and your vital organs all need to be at rest to enable optimal functionality.

Similar to your body having to recuperate or regenerate every night by going to sleep and revitalizing the body, you also need to detox on a regular basis to give your body a chance to heal. The best way to do that is to reduce the amount food and the type of food that you consume, by eating lighter food choices.

Have you ever noticed what happens when you have been sick and you pretty much stop eating your routine diet? You simply cannot bring yourself to consuming a full meal. As a result, your body doesn’t want the food and you begin to stave off the complex food and eat liquid or high water content foods, such as broth and/or fruit juices. Do you notice once you begin to feel better, you visibly look better, your skin and eyes look refreshed. That is your body detoxing itself of the toxins and waste your lymphatic system had difficulty doing on its own!

The transition from one season to the next, particularly from the winter months to the spring months, is an optimal time for a body detox!  We cease from preparing a lot of warm comfort meals, like baked casserole, chicken pot pie, baked macaroni & cheese and pot roast and transition to eating more springtime options like Spring green salads, Fattoush, roasted spring vegetables!

Consuming raw fruit, including all melons, citrus fruits, distilled water, fresh fruit and vegetable juices and coconut water are your essentials. It is good to avoid animal ingredients, complex and processed sugar, including complex carbohydrates.  Again, the purpose of temporarily eliminating a vast amount of food products and food groups, is to lighten the workload for our digestive and lymphatic systems.

The Jealous Vegan Team would like to invite  you to take part in our Spring Cleaning Detox event! We are challenging you to “spring cleaning” out your kitchen “Don’ts” and replacing them with kitchen “Dos.” Discard the crackers, pastries and cookies, pastas and refined dried foods that are typically “white” in color in favor of whole foods, lots of plants and lots of color on your plate.

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