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Even in the dead of winter there seemed to be something in the air that would invade my nostrils, settle in my chest and take me down either in KY or shortly after my return.   It got so bad that I knew where the Urgent Care and pharmacies closest to the hotel and our office were located without consulting my GPS. I feel like they should have given me a frequent visitor punch card so that I’d get my 10th visit with a Sinus or Upper Respiratory Infection or Bronchitis for free…Then, I made one change to my diet that ended the cycle.  

The term vegan no longer refers to a healthy diet. Instead it gives you a reference for what you will not find in the ingredients list. “Vegan” in front of something could signify that you had better not get too excited because the contents might not be real and might not taste that good. It’s a warning label. A disclaimer. Is this the definition that we mean to express with the word “vegan”?