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Observations From The Jealous Vegan 3-Day Juice Cleanse: The Team Responds

In April 2019, a portion of the team participated in The Jealous Vegan 3-Day Juice Cleanse. Here are our observations from the cleanse.

Lawrence Rassaw, The Artisan AKA “The Weekend Chef”


Enhanced Alertness. By the second day of The Jealous Vegan 3-Day Juice Cleanse, I was noticeably more alert and possessed an enhanced level of responsiveness to my immediate environment. I felt more aware of my surroundings.

Better Quality of Overnight Sleep. I typically will attempt to nap at any convenient opportunity if given the chance. By the second night of the cleanse, I was able to noticeably have a better quality of sleep upon my rising each morning. Additionally, I did not nap on the second and final days of the cleanse.Caffeine Cravings Were Subsided. Prior to my juice cleanse, I elected to stop consuming coffee, with dairy cream and sugar, starting 2 days before my juice cleans began. While I did acquire a very slight headache during the first day of my cleanse, due to the lack of coffee drinking, I believe, once the morning of Day 2 passed, I no longer craved the routine cup of strong coffee I had grown accustomed to. To fill my desire for “a hot morning beverage in a mug” I sipped on hot water with fresh lemon and freshly pressed ginger, throughout the cleanse and following the cleanse.

Controlling My Food Intake. Throughout the duration of the juice cleanse, I did not experience an overwhelming uncomfortable feeling of being hungry, or feeling like my stomach was empty, however I did intermittently have a sensation to engage in the “act of eating”, snacking or chewing food and that of swallowing food. While I did contemplate quitting the cleanse many times, I have a sense of pride and accomplishment of acquiring mastery over a self-imposed restriction.

(Juices were purchased from Turning Natural in Washington, D.C.)

Lisa Carter, The Balancer

Read her WHY here.


So I had a few really good insights from The Jealous Vegan 3-Day Juice Cleanse. I think the biggest thing that stuck out to me is how much energy I have. From Day 1, had an amazing amount of energy and I still do!  I have not had coffee in two weeks and counting. For me that’s huge because I usually have coffee everyday, sometimes more than once!

I slept so well. Before doing the cleanse I tossed and turned most of the time at night. Post-juice cleanse I go to sleep at 9pm and wake up at 7am with absolutely no problem. My skin looks clear I lost 3 pounds and overall I feel amazing. I decided that after my cleanse I was not going to re-introduce meat back into my diet. But I have found that to be particularly hard. Which is surprising to me. I still haven’t had any coffee because I’m trying to write out the natural high. It also worked in my favor that the beautiful face of spring arrived in Washington, D.C. (I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder.)  So, sunshine along with a clear body and mind has me feeling on cloud 9 even a week after I have completed my cleanse.

A couple of other members on the team have decided that they will do a one day cleanse once a month. At first I thought that’s crazy but now I’m thinking I’ll do the same. One day, once a month to keep this beautiful natural feeling of wellness going.

(Juices were purchased from Pureé Juice Bar in Bethesda.)

April Cunningham, The Influencer

Read her WHY here.


I realized that there is a distinction between the desire to eat (pleasure) and need to eat (hunger). I was never hungry but I definitely wanted to eat and specifically, eggs, steak, potato chips. This desire was super strong in spite of the fact that I haven’t eaten steak in probably 20 years. In fact, eating steak would have been a form of suicide for my digestive system. Yet, I promise you that I was mad that I couldn’t whip out a steak and at least swirl it around in my mouth. Which means: although we may fulfill our nutritional and hunger needs, we need to experience the pleasure of food or we might keep eating until we do. And it might be a major reason that diets which focus on deprivation just. don’t. work.

I was hyper aware and alert. Not like an amped, caffeinated alert but a superhero alert. Not anxious but able to recognize and acknowledge all of the information coming in from all of my senses. In French class, I could hear the rustle of the student’s paper in the corner at the same time hearing the nuanced accent of my French instructor while sensing the temperature in the room and the smell of my leather bag. It was amazing. I felt so very aware of everything happening in my preview in space and time.

I was irritable. As in, I hated everything. Why is everything happening in slow motion all of a sudden? Why is nothing working? Why can’t people just shut up? Fortunately, I realized my irritability before I said or did something that I’d regret. I took some deep breaths, reminded myself that I was cleansing and made myself a cup of green tea to sit in silence for a while and meditate.

I hit a wall between juices 4 and 6 on days 1 and 2. I wanted to eat. I seriously considered giving up, happy to fall on my sword and say: “I failed.  The juice beat me.” I fantasized about eating eggs and not telling anyone, letting people think whatever they wanted. But, my defeat dance was cancelled when I remembered WHY I was doing it.  I wanted that glow and I could see that it was already en route.

I did meet my goal of GLOWING. I was hydrated like never before. My skin was dewy and soft. No makeup, no filler, no assistance. “Look, Ma. No hands.” My skin was radiant.

Two days after I finished the cleanse, I was craving more juice. Specifically, Black Magic, with activated charcoal. There’s definitely something magical about it. I bought 4 more and I feel giddy when I get ready to drink it. It’s as if my cells know that something awesome is on the way.

(Juices were purchased from Pureé Juice Bar in Bethesda.)

Jennifer Hundley, The Voice


I have done juice cleanses before but this effort felt different to me. I had been traveling the 2 weeks prior and was going to be gone again immediately after the cleanse so my refrigerator was thankfully devoid of any temptations.

I picked up my juices from Jrink on Saturday morning and consumed my first green juice within minutes of getting back in the car. Within the hour I was desperately seeking a restroom!

I had a 4-hour volunteer shift that afternoon at a Metro station and was immediately concerned that it would be an embarrassing and uncomfortable afternoon. Thankfully, my second and third juice were less disruptive and I was able to enjoy the time spent helping the community.

The next morning I woke up feeling energized enough to hit the gym. Over the course of that day things were great but by that evening I was seriously craving some food. I found some baby carrots in my crisper and was able to go to bed pretty satiated.

The next day's juices were equally satisfying but by the evening I just wanted to go to bed.  I was feeling a little irritated by almost everyone and it was hard to let things roll off my back. I'd like to do to a 5-day cleanse but I might need some fruits or raw veggies to help me make it through another 2 days.

Overall, I felt satisfied, energized and hydrated during the juice cleanse. I realized that I don't need nearly as much food as I'd been consuming and in the time since it feels like my stomach has shrunk. I am eating smaller plates and more vegetables, which feels great!

(Juices were purchased from Jrink Juicery in Washington, D.C..)

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